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04  /   21  /   2015

A love letter to the game of baseball from the place you'd least expect. The true story of the first African team to play in the Little League World Series. After three years of agonizing ups and downs, a team of 11-12 year-olds win their way into the most prestigious sports tournament in the world. Filmmaker Jay Shapiro followed this baseball community from the slums and countryside of Uganda for over three years. As they embrace America's pastime (and the game's fans embrace them), the team of orphans and lost boys becomes a family, and something for the people of that poverty-stricken place to cheer for.

Writer & Director: Jay Shapiro


Producers:  Ann Bennett, Thomas Allen Harris,
Don Perry, Deborah Willis


Co-Producers: Douglas R. Nunes
Ant Gentile, Jessica Gentile

Consulting Producers: Kimberly Steward
Jimmy Rollins, Lauren Beck